Hi, I’m Kelley.


Life coach and healing retreat host.

Are you ready to heal?

Join me on this journey.

Life Coaching

It’s time to transform your life

“I’m here to guide you out of the darkness and into the light of your true, divine self, so that you can be free at last.”

Many of us walk around feeling like total frauds. Outwardly, we appear to be successful, but in reality we are wounded adult children.

If you feel unlovable, unworthy, damaged and even invisible, this is for you. In the wrong headspace and heart space, we end up working in toxic environments and living in co-dependent relationships with narcissists. Things like sex, food, drugs or alcohol can numb the pain, but are never good for us in the long term. We will always find ourselves repeating these negative patterns over and over again, wondering if there is any light at the end of the tunnel.

Does this sound familiar? If it does, you are not alone, and I can help.

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Whether I’m coaching a client, speaking at an event, or facilitating a workshop or retreat, my soul intention is always the same: to provide an authentic, meaningful and uplifting experience for all.

Coaching & Counselling

``No matter how difficult and painful it can be nothing sounds as good to the soul as the truth.`` - Martha Beck

Books & Blogs

My self-help book for adult survivors of childhood abuse, Into the Light, will be available in 2018 for purchase. Check back soon.

Motivational Speaker

If you need an enlightening and entertaining speaker you can book me for your next event.

Workshops & Retreats

I offer transformational workshops as well as private healing retreats. Find out more about each offering and how they can help you on your healing journey.

Why Life Coaching Could Be For You

If you resonate with any of the scenarios I’m speaking about, it’s possible that you have been programmed since childhood to believe all these untruths about yourself. This is especially true if you grew up in a dysfunctional environment where emotional, physical, verbal or sexual abuse might have been prevalent, as well as feelings of neglect, loss and abandonment.

If you ever felt like you were not good enough.

If you ever felt like you were not wanted.

If you ever felt like you were not loved.

This could well have set you on a path fraught with internal suffering, even into adulthood. But what you might not realise is this:

You are incredibly brave! You have survived the pain of your past. For that alone, you are amazing!

Heal Yourself With Self-Love

There is a way out of the darkness and into the light. Healing is possible. I know because I’ve walked the path and I now want to help you to get there too. The key to healing your past is healing the inner child and embarking on a wild, wonderful journey of self-discovery to reconnect with your true self. Without a sense of self, you end up looking for it everywhere outside of yourself, and this only leads to more pain and heartache.

Are you ready to commit to your healing journey?

Using life coaching and counselling, healing retreats and spiritual workshops, I can help you take the necessary steps towards a deeply fulfilling relationship with yourself and others. Because…

You are good enough.

You are wanted.

You are loved.

Start the healing process.

Book an online life coaching session or join me at my next healing retreat.


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