Soul is the new sexy

Soul is the new sexy

If ever there were a time when I would consider ending my life it would be in the fitting room at H&M. If I don’t drown from my own tears at trying on clothes that were made for a bulimic millennial then you’ll find me dead from strangling myself with one of those fucking gigantic hanger loopy things (do these fucking things have a name?) that are sewn into every fucking item now.

I don’t know about you ladies out there but I cannot keep up with all the upkeep – the primping and preening, plucking and threading, waxing and waning – that we’re told we need in order to look ‘sexy’ nowadays. It’s too much, people! Have we gone insane? I was watching an episode of the Aussie soap, Neighbours, the other day and they all have perfect white teeth and perfectly toned bodies and nobody’s face moves. It’s deeply distressing. But then again everyone’s face moves on EastEnders, so I’m not sure how to find a happy medium.

Do you know what I find sexy? People who are conscious. People who are awake. People who are real. People who are doing work on themselves. People who are not afraid to be vulnerable. People who speak their truth. People who mess up time and time again because they are unafraid to live fully and deeply. People who believe in magic. People who open their hearts despite all the losses they’ve endured. People who refuse to become bitter and cynical. People who walk their own path. People who are originals. People who say sorry when they’ve hurt you. People who are kind. People who are fully present in your company. People with heart and people with soul. That’s what I find sexy. And I’m declaring it today, so spread the word, good people: fake is out and authenticity is in. Welcome to the age where soul is the new sexy.

That’s all.
Kel xx
(I’d love to write more but I’ve got my spray tan booked for 2pm).

Kelley Thorrington