About Me

Who am I? Bloody good question. And one that led me on a journey of self-discovery many moons ago when I stumbled upon the famous Socrates quote: “Know thyself.” I had the words mosaicked on to the penholder on my desk where I’d stare at it daily, and
grapple with the enormity of what it was asking of me.

Little did I know that the quest to know oneself is a journey we must all take at some point in our lives, and it’s often a crisis point that leads us there. It certainly was for me – I was suffering tremendously. How wise of Spirit to make it so. Left to my own devices, I’d still be living at a purely superficial level.

But when you have a name like Kelley, which means  ‘lively warrior’ you don’t really have a choice but to get your butt off the couch and out into the world, and attract people and situations that will teach you to be courageous and warrior-like.  If only my name meant, ‘born to binge-watch Breaking Bad.’

If only my name meant, ‘born to binge-watch Breaking Bad.’
I fell in love with theatre and acting and pursued a career in entertainment, doing what I loved.

When I left school I studied Drama because, believe it or not, I was a painfully shy child. I had very low self-esteem but the moment I stood on a stage, the whole world came alive. I fell in love with theatre and acting and pursued a career in entertainment, doing what I loved. I followed my soul’s desire, and it paid off hugely.

Some career highlights include: asking Nelson Mandela a question at a press conference when I was 23; hosting the afternoon show on Classic FM for many years and getting to interview some amazing writers and musicians; writing the SAFTA-winning crime series for M-Net, Crimes Uncovered SA; working as the Assistant Head Writer at Isidingo (this wasn’t so much a highlight as it was my greatest teacher). That’s all the ‘glam’ stuff that fed my creativity and got my adrenaline pumping, whereas if I look back at what truly fed my soul, it was the volunteer projects I did for non-profit organisations (Nkosi’s Haven, Teddy Bear Clinic, Big Brother Big Sister and Logwood Village).

I learned over time that I value unique experiences above all else – living a humdrum, predictable life doesn’t delight my soul at all – so I try to push myself out of my comfort zone often.

Some highlights so far…

At age 13

I made up a telephone number and phoned Hollywood in the hopes of making contacts there for my future acting career. A woman did indeed answer, and we became lifelong friends. I jumped on a plane at age 17 and went to visit her in New York City.

At age 20

I worked at Harrods during their January sales (where I first heard the rumour that old man Al Fayed spies on the ladies in the change rooms – don’t say I didn’t warn you)

At age 25

I was an au pair in California for three children (that ended disastrously when the family kicked me out on Christmas Day)

That same year

I was a holiday rep in Turkey and Greece (I broke a lot of hearts on the Turquoise Coast. Yes Murat, I’m talking about you, my little Turkish delight)

I was a carer

in the UK for the elderly (where I learned how to administer a suppository rather efficiently, but won’t do it again in a hurry, unless you ask nicely)

At age 31

I toured Italy for 6 months with an Educational Theatre company teaching English and Drama to Italian children (where I learned that you never get involved with an Italian man unless you like living with his Mamma too)

At age 39

I went to India, to the OSHO Meditation Resort (where I learned that no matter where in the world I am, I’m always trying to meet boys)

At 42

I was hired as the English governess to a Russian family in Switzerland and Miami (that ended abysmally, but I came away with a great impersonation of Russians which prompted me to create my Russian comedy character, Natalya)

At age 43

I worked as the English coach at an IT company in Leipzig, Germany (this was after declaring to the Universe that I wanted a job where I got paid to speak all day and not work very much)

Now, at age 44, I get to combine all my years of unusual experiences and adventures, and take everything I’ve learned along the way to assist you in creating the life you dream for yourself. Let’s MAKE MAGIC together, beautiful!