Life Coaching & Counselling

I became a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach in 2009 through a series of synchronistic events, and the timing was perfect. I find such joy coaching and counselling people who are committed to their healing.

Life Coaching And Counselling

Skype Therapy For Individuals Or Groups

I am an intuitive life coach, which is a practice that takes life coaching to a whole new level by tapping into spiritual and standard life coaching techniques. This form of coaching and healing will help you alter your consciousness, opening you up to love and an abundance of life’s opportunities.

I use a combination of coaching tools and principles, specifically principles of love, kindness and compassion, to assist you on your path to higher consciousness.

You will learn to:

Become empowered enough to trust your own intuition

Go to a much deeper level of yourself than with traditional life coaching

Get to the heart of the matter quicker by bringing the unconscious into conscious awareness in order to heal at a soul level

Who Will Benefit From Intuitive Life Coaching?


Please contact me today to set up a life coaching session for you or someone you feel will benefit from it.

Even though my Skype therapy sessions are geared towards anyone and everyone, I have a particular focus on the following areas:

Wounded Adult Children

Assisting wounded adult children to work through issues that have compounded over many years, starting from childhood. This is a journey we take together, because the road to recovery doesn’t need to be travelled alone. Issues that we cover include:

Low self-worth


Relationship struggles


Narcissistic abuse

Therapy To Bring Out The Awakened Man

I welcome men into a safe space where they can learn to open up, be vulnerable and heal the wounds of their past. This allows them to be free of the burdens of societal conditioning that requires the masculine to live against his true nature, which often denies him his sensitivity. The new awakened man is able to fully appreciate and integrate his masculine and feminine qualities in order to be whole. Issues that we cover include:

Dealing with low self-esteem

Enjoying life after divorce

Building relationship skills

Dealing with childhood trauma

Career growth

Relationship Coaching

Assisting singles and couples with relationship issues. If we do not heal the pain of our past and learn to love ourselves deeply and fully, we bring these issues into all of our relationships. I can help you to become aware of how those patterns are playing out in dating and married life so that you don’t keep repeating them. Once you shift your consciousness you can make healthier choices for yourself and your children.

Individual Life Coaching

Each coaching session is 60 minutes long and is offered in person in Cape Town, or on Skype according to your time zone. Please email to book your session before making payment.

Individual coaching sessions – $70 / ZAR800 per session, payable upfront

6-session weekday coaching package – $380 / ZAR4 500 for 6 sessions payable upfront

Group Coaching

Contact me to organise group coaching with friends, family or at your organisation. Some ideas include:

Storytelling workshops; Self-Esteem workshops; Healing from Abuse; Tackling Burnout; Creativity workshops; Writing workshops or a Comedy & Coaching combo.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Your life is waiting for you. Start your journey. Book a session with me today.